Money Investigation, Inc. performs commercial recovery and litigation through professional third party arbitratndustry. 

Money Investigation, Inc. performs commercial recovery and litigation through professional third party arbitration solely for the purpose of creating positive outcomes to the negative impact defaults increasingly have on the profit of our clients and partners each year. We execute plans that resolve these cancerous deficits in the most expedient manner. This gives specific closure to these concerns once considered beyond the point of reconciliation in these particular instances regardless of time-lapsed within the statutory limits. Through state of the art technology and digital mapping, we internally facilitate footprints with the excellence of professional work ethic, precise focus, and expedient closure as we daily strive for the greatest return on all engagements placed by our clients.
All information is protected through the Vormetric Data Security Platform · Vormetric Data Security Manager that comply with stringent mandates using Thales eSecurity products certified to global mandates that can span local data centers, cloud environments and hybrid deployments for the digital security and integrity of  MII engagements and search services. We reveal the equitable property of real and liquid value prior to the initial contact of the borrower. The performance of our firm also assess the effective procedure these sometimes discretionary trade lines have after the disclosure of the entity in question has been made through the infrastructure and business model of each default. Asset & Liability Investigations often times assist in bypassing many issues involved from the challenges of ghost or shell entities that now hold an alarming rate of the 20% of all industry and markets globally. Through the data obtained via our eclectic approach to our searches and scrubs we provide much more than just a mere summary merge of outdated Intel but are able to validate and verify each decision from the initial plan of action from a digital analysis standpoint that takes decisive steps to resolve or liquidate by any means legally available. 
Our data is imported via real-time feeds merged and correlated within our in-house archives which have been archived for over three decades.We evaluate each target on behalf of our clients’ interest. By landing anonymous hits on targets that allow leverage beyond the scope of our competitors. An alarming rate of fifty percent settlement, thirty percent in liquidated assets, and 20 percent fall to the bankruptcy courts on average from our teams efforts which is high above the industries standard. Valuations correctly track scores reducing the risk of loss from the initial stage of arbitration to the final litigation hearings when necessary. 
As legal representative of each commercial concern submitted for service our veteran staff stay focused and committed to the tactful and tenacious resolution of all claims and engagements we have been entrusted with to resolve by the transition from deficit or default into positive cash flow making our firm a divisive shield of protection, assurance, and satisfaction for all that we so faithfully served for over 28 years. By far, these defining attributes, actions, and results set our services in such a definitive footprint and aggressive nature that it cannot be mistaken or compared to any commercial recovery and litigation service throughout the industry.