Let Us Be Your First Choice For Real-Time Arbitration
We understand that business doesn’t stop just because you are on the go. Money Investigation, Inc. provides and protects your financial interests by eliminating the time, energy, and monies from the internal negative outcomes from struggling with deficits and defaults month after month otherwise. We not only give our clients the highest level of recovery rate but as well the security needed in business today beyond the norm of expectancy. Adherence to full compliance where and when applicable to all state and federal levels are embedded at the forefront of all initial concerns. MII contractually provides a full “hold harmless” liability position to all of our clients regarding assigned transmissions of ports, placements, or accounts as they are filtered and scanned at entry automatically.
Unfortunately, litigation is sometimes necessary upon acute negligence which is apparently obvious. This is where MII moves towards the behavioral strategies and economic value of the concern as our team abruptly transitions into the next phase of due diligence. Procedural elements are accessed through the archived information and findings attained through the relative patterns of transactions and algorithms of any current or prior creditor searched or found. A comprehensive report is processed by the extensive coverage of MII staff while at the same time all efforts being applied to resolve each default whether public creditor or private sector. If necessary, MII takes the steps to pursue all legal remedies available and allowed by law. At this point only the most reasonable and advantageous plan to secure and recover funds expeditiously is presented to the courts of proper venue.
Our track record and credentials are verifiable not by erroneous recommendations or bogus endorsements online but from C-level officers of national companies and small business owners alike. We only allow and adhere to a platform of total transparency from beginning to end giving 24/7 access to all data obtained through conventional scrub and via encrypted cloud base. All of our clients have the sole knowledge and assurance that correct and precise procedure and policy has been followed through in the activity of due diligence at its highest level. Our partners engagements transition from a cancerous default into positive cash flow thought to be a loss but through the tenacious efforts and performance conducted by our firm all represented concerns now resolve with integrity and a positive outcome. This all develops in real-time results that achieves the purpose intended and complete satisfaction of our clientele.


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