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Each settlement of assigned engagement gives my firm motivation to work at the industries highest and most effective level. MII performs Intel searches and asset liquidation with discretion and integrity.


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Money Investigation, Inc. performs commercial recovery and litigation through professional third party pro’se litigant representation. Our agents are uniquely trained solely for the purpose of creating positive outcomes out of the negative impact defaults increasingly have on any entity of finance. We execute plans that resolve these cancerous deficits in the most expedient manner. All information is protected through the Vormetric Data Security Platform, a Security Manager that complies  by the stringent mandates always used by Thales eSecurity products. All databases ​are ​therefore utilized via these products and services ​and ​are certified through global mandates which span any given local data center, cloud environment or hybrid deployments​. This validate​s​ the integrity of our search services by mere association and credentials registered under MII corporate access. Data imported via real-time feeds have been merged and correlated in-house for almost three decades releasing valuable target information on all engagements pursued. ​All is performed in the initial stages of the performance due diligence. By landing anonymous hits on these said targets it allows digital leverage beyond the scope of the simple mapping of most skip​ ​trace companies in the United States with exception only to federal and state law enforcement ports. Because of being privy to this clearance reductions take place which are able to validate and verify 70% of each hit on the subjects footprint globally. This is our start point and initial plan of action as eclectic analysis clarifies our decisive methods of immediate arbitration which are set forth as a cost effective resolve for our clients. Valuations correctly track scores reducing the risk of loss from the pre​ ​legal settlement stage to the final recovery of judgments awarded if deemed necessary. Precision focus by our trained staff then accordingly pursues closure once the maximum amount of collection or judgment has been obtained. All MII agents are specifically trained to be tactful and tenacious in their efforts and are highly skilled in every aspect of due diligence. This forms a shield of complete trust and integrity which in effect is common place within the environment here at Money Investigation, Inc..

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