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Each settlement of assigned engagement gives my firm motivation to work at the industries highest and most effective level. MII performs Intel searches and asset liquidation with discretion and integrity.


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Money Investigation, Inc. performs commercial arbitration and third party collection activity services solely for the purpose of creating positive outcomes to the negative impact defaults increasingly have on the profit of our clients and partners each month. We execute plans that resolve these cancerous deficits in the most expedient manner. This gives specific closure to these concerns once considered beyond the point of reconciliation and now communicate a demand for further action. Our approach, methods, filings, and resolution greatly assist in these particular instances regardless of balance or time-lapsed within the statutory limits. Through state of the art technology and digital mapping, we internally facilitate the excellence of professional work ethic and character within all our staff as we daily strive for the greatest return on the files or ports transmitted for recovery.

All information is first and foremost protected through highest encryption available for the digital security of all concerned. Our searches reveal the equitable property of real and liquid value prior to the initial contact of the borrower. The performance of our firm also assesses the effective procedure these sometimes discretionary trade lines have after the disclosure of Entity, entity, infrastructure, and subjects business model as a whole. Asset & Liability Investigations assist in bypassing many issues even as with such challenges as ghost (shell) companies. Our expertise makes each engagement completely transparent by the data obtained via eclectic searches on some of the highest ranked and performing databases available. These searches provide much more than just a mere summary merge of old and outdated Intel. Therefore, we are able to validate and verify each decision from the initial approach by the digital and analytical standpoint to take strategic and decisive steps to resolve or liquidate assets in real time.

Our internal databases store over three decades of synced data feeds which keeps us on the cutting edge of the industries locates, findings, and due diligence process. We evaluate each target company and its assets for the most expedient recovery in our clients’ interest. Anonymous hits allow leverage even on the Dark Net beyond the scope of our competitors at an alarming rate of sixty to seventy-five percent resolve. This process sets the tempo for every aspect of the investigative endeavor. Valuations from the onset correctly track scores and projective analysis effectively reducing the risk of loss from arbitration to litigation if necessary. Our eclectic approach then develops into a transparent method of resolve. As the legal representative of each commercial concern, we stay focused and committed to the tactful but tenacious resolution thereof. Our well-seasoned staff only utilize motions, filings, and judgments that get our partners and clients paid! This transforms our collection efforts into a divisive shield of protection, assurance, and satisfaction for every entity we serve. By far, these defining attributes and characteristics are what sets Money Investigation, Inc. on an entirely different platform of performance than our competitors’ bar none.

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